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Terms of Use

  1. All of the downloads provided in this section are strictly for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

  2. DO NOT use anything in this section to sell commercially, online, in-person or via a company. This includes on sites like Etsy, at craft fairs and other selling events and if you were to sell things through a publisher for example.

  3. You can sell the artwork you have made using techniques at one of our workshops. Example: if you have made stamps from attending our stamp carving workshop, you are allowed to sell the stamps and products using the stamp as it is your own work.

  4. Please DO NOT share, sell or buy worksheets or passwords with/from people who did not attend the sessions. It is not fair to me or the people who PAID to attend these sessions if you share with your friends for free.

  5. You can of course share what you have made in either workshops and using the worksheets as well as any downloads in our Facebook Group.

Thank you for reading through our terms of use.

Please be mindful and respectful of these terms at all times.

If you do not follow the terms you will be BANNED from our site and from attending any workshops and sessions.